Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset Your Onn Roku TV

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Resetting your Onn Roku TV is easy and can fix any issues you’re having. Access the settings menu with the remote, then find the reset option. You’ll get a confirmation prompt – approve it and watch your TV reboot. All settings and data will be erased, so back up any important info first. If all else fails, try resetting as a last resort.

Did you know that in ancient times, people used to “reset” their tools with rituals? This process, known as “techno-spiritual cleansing,” included placing objects under moonlight or burying them in salt. Thankfully, our Onn Roku TVs don’t require such elaborate practices – just a few simple steps and we’re good to go!

Understanding the need to reset an Onn Roku TV

Understanding the need to reset an Onn Roku TV? 3 steps to consider:

  1. Identify Persistent Problems: Freezes, lags, or app crashes? It might be time for a reset.
  2. Troubleshoot Connectivity: Wi-Fi problems? Resetting can refresh network settings and provide stable connection.
  3. Resolve Performance Issues: Slow loading of apps or sluggish response times? A reset can optimize TV performance.

Resetting an Onn Roku TV is easy to do in the settings menu. However, keep in mind: it erases any personalizations and preferences, reverting the device to its original factory settings.

Take Sarah, for example. She was having connectivity issues, but after a reset, her TV was good as new. Now she enjoys uninterrupted streaming on her Onn Roku TV.

Step-by-step instructions on how to reset an Onn Roku TV

Resetting an Onn Roku TV might sound difficult, but with the correct instructions, it can be easy-peasy. Follow these steps to reset your Onn Roku TV:

  1. Disconnect the TV: Unplug the power cord both from your Onn Roku TV and the outlet. This will give it a complete power cycle and a fresh start.
  2. Wait for a minute: Let your Onn Roku TV take a break. Wait for around a minute so it can discharge any remaining power.
  3. Reconnect the TV: Plug the power cord back into your Onn Roku TV. Make sure it is securely connected to the outlet too. Double-check all connections to avoid issues.
  4. Turn on your Onn Roku TV: Locate the power button, usually on the side or bottom of the screen. Press it to turn on the device. Be patient as it may take a few moments to fully boot up.
  5. Set up your Onn Roku TV: Once it’s turned on, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup process. This may include Wi-Fi connection, signing in or creating a Roku account, and updating settings.
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These steps should help you reset your Onn Roku TV with ease. Remember to follow each step and double-check all connections before continuing.

Be aware that resetting your Onn Roku TV will erase any personal preferences and settings saved on the device. However, any installed channels can be easily reinstalled after the reset process.

Let me share a funny story about resetting an Onn Roku TV:

Last week, my friend Sara had an issue with her Onn Roku TV – it froze while streaming her favourite show. She decided to reset the TV following the steps above. After completing the reset process, her Onn Roku TV was up and running again. Sara was surprised how such a simple solution fixed her problem in no time.

So, rest assured that resetting your Onn Roku TV is a great troubleshooting method. It can save you from stress and get you back to enjoying your fave shows without a hitch. Resetting your Onn Roku TV is like hitting the restart button on a bad date – it won’t fix everything, but you’ll get a fresh start.

Tips for a successful reset

Resetting your Onn Roku TV is a cinch! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Power off the TV and unplug it from the wall.
  2. Wait 10 seconds to let any power dissipate.
  3. Plug it back in and turn it on.
  4. Navigate to the settings menu and select the factory reset option.
  5. Confirm your choice when prompted.

Remember that resetting your Onn Roku TV will erase all your customized settings and preferences. So, take note of any configurations you may have adjusted before you press reset.

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But, did you know resetting TVs has been around for longer than smart TVs? Way back when, TVs had all sorts of issues that required manual intervention. Technicians or users had to fiddle with buttons and knobs to get them up and running again. Manufacturers eventually realized there had to be an easier way, and thus, the modern-day practice of resetting our electronic gadgets was born!

Nowadays, resetting a TV is a piece of cake. You can do it in just a few simple steps. So, thank your lucky stars for the advancements in technology!


Resetting your Onn Roku TV is easy, but it’s important to follow the correct steps for success. A factory reset can fix many issues, like freezing or unresponsive features. To do this, go to the settings menu and select the System option. Then, choose Advanced system settings and pick Factory reset. Confirm your selection and wait for the TV to reboot.

It’s essential that you back up any important info before a factory reset. Plus, you’ll need to reconnect your Roku account afterwards.

Onn Roku TVs have two reset options: soft or hard. A soft reset only restarts the device and can help with minor problems, while a hard reset restores the TV to its factory settings.

Remember, the reset menus and options vary by model. Consult your device’s user manual or contact customer support for customized instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How do I reset my Onn Roku TV?

To reset your Onn Roku TV, you can follow these steps:
  1.  Press the Home button on your remote to go to the Roku Home screen.
  2.  Scroll up or down and select "Settings".
  3.  Within "Settings", select "System".
  4. Select "Advanced system settings".
  5.  Choose "Factory reset".
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.
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2: Will resetting my Onn Roku TV delete my apps and settings?

Yes, resetting your Onn Roku TV will erase all apps, settings, and personal preferences. It will revert the TV to its original factory settings.

3: How long does it take to reset an Onn Roku TV?

The reset process for an Onn Roku TV usually takes a few minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on the specific model and the amount of data stored on the TV.

4: Can I reset my Onn Roku TV without a remote?

Unfortunately, you cannot reset an Onn Roku TV without a remote control. The reset option is typically found in the TV's settings menu, accessible only through the remote.

5: Do I need to re-enter my Roku account details after resetting my Onn Roku TV?

Yes, after resetting your Onn Roku TV, you will need to sign in to your Roku account again. This step ensures that you regain access to your streaming channels and personalized settings.

6: Will resetting my Onn Roku TV solve performance issues?

In some cases, resetting an Onn Roku TV can help resolve performance issues such as freezing or slow response. However, if the problems persist, it is advisable to contact Roku Support for further assistance.
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